HideMe VPN

Free VPN for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac.

Why HideMe VPN?

Revolutionary VPN

HideMe has invented a new VPN protocol that works great in regions where traditional VPNs are blocked by local ISP and government firewalls.

HideMe vs traditional VPN in China on iOS 9

Purely Anonymous

Users don't need to create accounts nor login before they can use our service.

Everything is done by pressing one button.

Global Network

HideMe VPN lets you connect to VPN servers in 10 countries. And the network keeps growing.

HideMe VPN = More Fun

Unlock Websites and Apps

You can browse Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and lots other sites anywhere in the world even they are blocked locally.

Access Geo-restricted Contents

Use HideMe VPN to bypass geo-restriction of popular streaming services.


We developed our own VPN protocol, VPN server and VPN client. Every byte of user communication is well protected with bank-grade encryption algorithm.

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